darwin SMI

Smart Money Invesment, this is SMI

Almost everything you need to know about SMI from an investor point of view

darwin SMI is a synthetic financial asset that replicates the operations of its manager @millas in real time. Darwinex manages the investor's risk, adjusting the positions and guarantees a maximum target risk of 6.5% VaR per month.

Systems that operate on the darwin SMI are 100% algorithmic trading, fully automated and operated by 24x365 robots.

A real example that includes all the costs, profits and the level of daily profit and loss in detail for two and a half months!!!

At the end of the current month, you can consult the trading plan for the following month, including trade forecasts, exposure risk, indicators, etc.

Monthly you will be able to objectively consult the actual deviation from the plan, with all the available details and with total objectivity

Get to know SMI in detail, how the robots have been created, where they operate, how it manages risk and a large amount of information that will allow you to get to know SMI in depth